Eazipay is one of the UK

Eazipay is one of the UK’s direct debit processing companies. With over 20 years of experience in the direct debit collection industry, they help organizations improve their cash flow. They are saving time and money by setting up regular payment deposits along with the management process.

Available at Zero Marketplace, the Eazipay Direct Debit plugin allows Zero customers to accept and deposit customer payments via direct debit and help business owners improve their cash flow, efficiency. Helps to create and reduce unnecessary administrative tasks. The Eazipay and Zero partnership offer fully automated, start-to-finish, direct debit payments, and recovery processes, allowing businesses to set up direct debit payments using Zero and Creation. Helps and can benefit from faster and easier payment through the system.

This led to many issues:

  1. Many labor and recurring tasks involve manipulating and recording direct consumer debit transactions.
  2. It took time to extract data from BACS files manually, and the possibility of errors was introduced.
  3. While their entire staff is highly skilled and fully trained, they wanted to make every effort to eliminate the possibility of ‘human error’ and to comply with all legal requirements.


  1. Many ERP systems may not respond quickly to customer needs, marketing initiatives, or new ways of communicating. The format EVO offers the flexibility to deliver high-impact business documentation, using best practices in the desired format – increasing profits and improving customer relationships without changing host systems (including Legacy ERP system). Plus, the format EV can be used as a middleware for robotic process automation (RPA) that sits between your ERP system and the ever-changing and often chaotic environment.
  2. Stored in paper files, signed copies of direct debit mandates are now scanned into information router document management software. Electronic copies are automatically archived and archived with BACS file data in the format EV, allowing for faster and more efficient retrieval.


  1. Eazipay direct debit processes are completely reliable and secure.
  2. More receipts and less administration.
  3. No lost checkbooks. No more hassle for you and your customer when you have to pursue repeated payments.
  4. Powerful combination of format e-view and informatory router solutions. There have been both cost savings and increases within Eazipay Performance. The old manual process was complex and laborious extremely.
  5. Effective storage and retrieval of mandates help Eazipay meet its measuring standards and legal requirements.

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